What are the skills required to front-end developers?

As a front-end developer, I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and technologies and adding to what I already know. Front-end web development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

Web Development Company in Delhi, Live Tech Services discuss skills & knowledge of front-end development with expert IT professional. Here’s a list containing a wide variety of skills and technologies that I think all front-end developers should be working on learning, at least to some extent.

Apart from HTML, CSS, and JS, a Front-End Developer is required to have following skills:

1.  Knowledge of frameworks and libraries

·        Jquery
·        Angular/React
·        SASS/LESS
·        Bootstrap
·        Libraries like EaselJS/FabricJS (to work on images and canvas),
·        Node/Express (to some extent)

2.  Knowledge of developer tools to increase productivity

·        Gulp/Grunt
·        Git
·        Npm

3.  Testing

·        Mocha/Chai/Jasmine

4.  Knowledge of HTTP

·        Status Codes
·        Handshake
·        Request and Response

5.     Knowledge of REST API’s and AJAX

6.  Platform Compatibility

·        Browser Compatibility
·        OS Compatibility (Browsers are OS dependent)
7.     jQuery

8.     UX / Usability

9.     Website Speed / Performance
10.  Responsive Web Design
11.  Mobile Web Development
12.  Microdata / Microformats
13.  SEO

   To apply you will ideally have the following:

·        You'll be the problem rather than solution led and favor consistency over proliferation.
·        A passion for and deep knowledge of the web and frontend technologies

Front End Developer Job Research: What does it take?

I gathered my insights in three parts:

  • ·        Job descriptions themselves
  • ·        What coding boot camps are teaching
  • ·        And from a leader in the web development space who addresses this topic specifically

Website designing company in Noida, live tech services above define skills of front-end development where you could learn & implement in your website. If you are a job seeker then definitely this article will be helpful to you.

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