How to know when SEO Keywords Rankings Suddenly Drop

There are various factors which might have affected the website and for each factor, there is a specific way to tackle it. SEO Company in Noida, Live Tech Services telling about toughest ranking situation & learn how to diagnose and overcome the loss of SEO keyword ranking or organic traffic.

1. Never overlook the technical basics

LTS Noida recommended to focus on the basic technical fundamentals of the website like proper indexing and site crawling. Even a high-performing website can face a sudden drop due to no index tags, inappropriate canonical tags or rendering issues with the website content. Keep a list of on-page fundamentals and check each element once a while to avoid any adverse impact.

2. Verify new links

A sudden surge in new links pointing to a domain can, in some instances, trigger a temporary decline in rankings. To check if a surge of new links is a likely contributing factor to a ranking drop, use a backlink tool such as Ahrefs or Majestic, both of which have the ability to view new links discovered over a given period.

3. Losing quality backlinks

 A website that possesses few backlinks has a significant dependence on quality backlinks. In case these backlinks are removed because it will not only trigger a ranking drop but impact the domain authority of the website. It is your responsibility to include regular backlink analysis in your SEO strategy to sustain long-term results.

4. Check Redirections

 Online visitors are precious to every business, and if your website attains significant traffic, it means it has a good reputation. During rebranding, redirections are the most crucial thing that one needs to pay attention to.

5. Algorithmic OR Manual Penalties

Penalties can be manual or algorithmic, and both affect rankings. Therefore, whenever you find an unexpected drop in your rankings, you can go to Search Console to check new messages.

6. Check On-Page Factors

A good professional is one who never disregards essential elements like crawl errors (can be found in Google webmaster tool), incorrect/inappropriate canonical tags, robot files, and several others because these things can affect ranking performance. 

7. Conclusion

SEO Company in Delhi, Live Tech Services explain many external factors play a part in determining search rankings. The points explained above show how an SEO professional could check the reasons for a sudden drop in rankings and work to relieve the issues.

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